Preparing to Leave

There are only so many times you can pack and unpack a bag before deciding you have everything you need right? I’m set to leave in just over 5 days. My nerves are shot, my emotions are high and I’m as excited as one would expect.

People keep asking me why I wanted to join the Peace Corps. I’ll be honest, it had nothing to do with a silly notion that my experience in one village was going to change the world. If anything my reasonings are completely selfish. I want to see another part of the world, live a different lifestyle, meet new and interesting people, learn new skills and languages, and finally, I want to be changed by the experience.

I’ve learned a while ago that you can help anyone just by being aware and willing. There is always someone right beside you that needs a helping hand. So do I need to travel halfway across the globe to help someone, probably not, but what an experience it will be.