Shelter – Cape Town
Summer Innovation Lab


For those of you who don’t know already; I’m going to be studying in South Africa this summer. This will be the last thing I do as an undergraduate student before I officially graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Science studying sustainable product design and innovation.

I’m looking forward to all the adventures and life experiences traveling across the world has to offer. I can only imagine this being a positive experience enabling me to grow as a person. And I want to thank everyone who has encouraged, supported, or motivated me toward this incredible opportunity. While I’m away I thought it would be interesting to keep an updated travel journal of all my experiences that I could share with my friends and family.

So many people have expressed an interest in keeping up with my travels. I found it only fitting that I provide them with an easy way to see how and what I’m doing in South Africa. This blog hopefully becomes something that connects and inspires all of my friends together.



Examine Cape Town’s built environment, where apartheid’s legacies and burgeoning inequalities have combined to create acute housing challenges and innovative approaches in urban architecture and design.

  • Study in Cape Town, a World Design Capital and site of contrasts and contestations focusing on housing and urban design.

  • Develop a collaborative project with community members focused on a practical hands-on aspect of shelter and urban design.

  • Engage with Capetonians who are passionate about design and its role in creating livable, just cities.

  • Analyze the “right to the city” through an examination of identity, access, belonging, and urban space.

  • Learn from the everyday experiences of Cape Town’s residents through contrasting homestays in a township and the city center.


    Working with local community members, urban planners, and architectural practitioners, you and your fellow students will collaborate on a design project focused on an aspect of shelter. The collaborative project — the topic of which emerges from classes, discussions, and educational excursions — is based in Cape Town.