View of Table Mountain from Rondebosch.

View of Table Mountain from Rondebosch.

I made it to South Africa!! It only took 18 plus hours to get here, but it has already been well worth it.

Everything about this place is bursting with life and energy. The people here are some of the most diverse group of people I have ever seen.

Even the environment is invigorating. Look one way and you see the beautiful backdrop of Table Mountain, look the other way and you are welcomed by the sight of the ocean.

For the next three nights I’ll be staying in a local hotspot for the creative, trendy youth of South Africa. This place is a hub for people who put hipsters to shame. I spent tonight eating and drinking on the patio listening to live music taking everything in.

Today has been so amazing, jet lag and all! I feel like it fit in with the people here so perfectly. Can’t wait to see what the rest of my trip has to offer.