Someone close to me recently said 'publishing your thoughts to the world can be considered a public good'. As someone who considers herself fairly average in almost every way, I didn't agree that I had anything to say to the world that anyone would want to listen to. He argued that my unpretentious nature could have something important to say, but I would have to be vulnerable in order to share it. 

This is my humble attempt to be vulnerable with the world. 

Interestingly enough, this seems the perfect time to start a blog. So many changes are about to happen in my life. I've recently graduated with my bachelor's degree and subsequently been promoted to an art director position. I will be moving to a new state and will be initiating a new studio artists program for CYNTHIA-REEVES. 

With so many things happening at once, I think it's important to step back and reexamine what I'm doing and what I'm focusing on in life. I hope in the future that this blog becomes a place I can share my successes and personal thoughts on all that happens in my upcoming life. If you follow along, I thank you for sharing this journey with me.